"A dramatic & violent exploration of abuse. Tapako-Brown is fierce to watch on screen"

UK Film Review

"Ford is a Director venturing beyond conventional ideas of what film can be about"

Screen Critix

"Tight and claustrophobic.  A film thought up to keep the viewer on edge"


"A sickly film that uses its illness to keep you watching"


"Tragic and bittersweet, technically accomplished, wonderfully acted and very moving

indeed.  Check it out as soon as you can"

Midlands Movies

"A tragic character study and meditation on grief.  Tee Morris puts in a brilliant


UK Film Review

"Self-destruction has never been captured so authentically before.  Tee Morris gives an incredible performance"

Indie Shorts Mag


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"A film with a lyrical quality and strong, emotional performances from both Farrell and Gallo""

Indy Reviews

"Two powerhouse female leads.  Stays with you long after the credits roll""

Screen Critix

"Left Behind highlights the isolation of surviving, and how escaping is merely the first step to feeling human again"

IndieShorts Mag

An emotional rollercoaster.  Gallo and Farrell deliver powerful performances.  

Very creative filmmaking."

UK Film Review

"A challenging watch with well-judged performances.  Ford (as Director) keeps the focus on the abused and not the abuser.  Subtle and intimate.""

Midlands Movies